Secure Instant Messaging (IM) Service

An easy-to-use instant messaging service is now available for you and staff at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • Encrypted and secure
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Can be used across multiple office locations
  • Allows private one-on-one conversations or group conversations
  • Attach any type of document or image to the conversation
  • Simple, uncomplicated interface
  • Pop-up alerts appear instantly when messages are received from a co-worker
  • Automatic log in
  • Status notice appears to everyone else when you're not available
  • Messages sent while away or logged off can be viewed the next time you log in
With this system you and your staff can communicate within your office or multiple office locations through an instant messaging system that takes about 2 minutes to download and install. The only requirement is that you are using Windows based computers and that you are currently using our email service. All of which is already included in your low monthly fee of $29.95.

1. Decide Who Will Use It

  • You'll want to log into your website admin under "Toolbox > Premium Filtered Email Management".
  • A window will pop-up where you can manage your office email accounts. 
  • Click "Edit" under the "User Accounts" section at the top.
  • For each user that you want to be able to use the instant message system, click on their username, which is in blue, and check the "Allow Instant Messaging" checkbox and click Save Changes.
  • If a user doesn't already have email account associated with your domain name, you can quickly create an account for them by clicking "Add" under the "User Accounts" section. They don't have to use the email account for email if they don't want to. However, it's recommended that they at least log into the account and setup forwarding in case someone does send a message to the account. You can learn more about this under the video tutorials area of this site.

2. Download It

3. Log In & Setup Preferences

  • Once installed you'll want to setup your preferences. To do this click "Click here to log in" or select "Action > Log on..." from the menus.
  • Your log in will be your username (whatever comes before the @ symbol in your email address) followed by @mail.yourdomain.
    So, for example, if your email address is, your log in would be, note the addition of the word "mail." as a prefix to your domain name.
  • Once logged in proceed to the "View > Options" menu to adjust your preferences.

You're done!